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For your ordering needs!


Logistics Rentals

Our rentals cover your parties, meetings, movie shoots, business meetings, etc! 

Do you need it? We probably have it! To name a few of the items:

  • Tables/Chairs

  • Trash Cans/Ash Trays

  • Solar Maker Lights

  • Marker Cones

  • Tarps/Canopies

  • Shoves/Rakes/Brooms

  • Sandbags

  • Furniture Blankets

  • Various Fire Extinguishers

  • Small Air Compressor

  • Quiet Generator

  • Power Cords/Area Lights/Power Strips

  • Commercial coffee pot

                                             ...and much more!!!


* Daily and monthly fees vary

* Replacement fees vary

Rental Price List

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